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At Oman Refreshment Company, everyone is committed to deliver the highest quality products to continuously exceed the ever changing expectations of our customers. At every stage of our operations, all employees work to ensure the uncompromising safety and quality of the products we produce and distribute. The safety and satisfaction of our customers are our highest business objective and our enduring obligation.

Beyond this, we are committed to protect and preserve the environment and the safety of our workers and the public where we operate. We aim to continuously minimize our carbon footprints, prevent pollution and preserve environmental resources. In our day to day operations, our goal is to achieve zero work related injuries and illnesses for our employees, contractors and other stakeholders.

We will continue to operate in a responsible manner in accordance with all applicable quality, food safety, environmental and occupational health and safety standards, statutory and regulatory requirements.

We will ensure the provision of resources and maintain effective communications to our employees, share owners, customers, consumers, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders to continuously improve our quality, food safety, environmental and occupational health and safety performance.

Our leadership in the market will be sustained through our commitment to continuously improve every aspect of our operations towards Operational Excellence.