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Our History

Oman Refreshment Company (ORC) is one of the pioneers of Omani manufacturing sector, established in 1974 by the prominent businessmen of Oman with an initial share capital of RO 800,000. The Company owns franchise rights for PepsiCo range of beverages for the Sultanate of Oman and was initially set up in South Ghubra in the Wilayat of Baushar, Muscat with one bottling line of Returnable Glass Bottles (RGB) catering to the then market requirements. With the growing popularity and demand for its products, the company has expanded its manufacturing and distribution capabilities from time to time to meet the diverse consumers preferences.

ORC presently has 7 production lines that churn out various beverages in Cans, PET bottles, Non-returnable Glass Bottles and Tetrapack juices. The Company’s beverages range includes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, 7 Up, Shani, Evervess Soda and Aquafina Water,Gatorade and Lipton, besides its own juice brand under the name “Topfruit”. Further the Company also trades in various consumer packaged goods such as Frito Lays range of snacks that include Lays potato chips, Doritos, Cheetos and Sunbites and Quaker range of food products that include Oat Cookies, Pasta, Soups and Base Oats.

Besides the Company’s head office and plant located in Al Ghubra, its countrywide distribution network covers the entire Sultanate of Oman through 10 remote distribution centres located in Al Ansab, Khasab, Sohar, Buraimi, Musanna, Nizwa, Ibri, Al Wafi, Mudheibi and Salalah.

The Company’s present paid up capital stands at RO 5 Million from the initial share capital of RO 800,000 that was purely built through rich returns to its esteemed shareholders in the form of Stock dividend in addition to the huge amounts of cash dividends distributed each year.