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Shareholders Relation

ORC is listed on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM) and is one of the few blue chip companies that have been consistently delivering satisfactory shareholder returns year after year over the last two decades.

Akin to the listed companies on the MSM, ORC shareholder registry is maintained by “Muscat Clearing & Depository Company” that not only maintains the particulars of shareholders but also updates the company’s shareholder register based on the trading in the Company shares from time to time on the floor of MSM.

ORC practices “Total Compliance” with the laws and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman and is a firm believer of the obvious benefits of following the best practices of corporate governance. Important business news and updates, including key decisions taken at various meetings of its Board of Directors are uploaded to the MSM website, along with the quarterly and annual financial reports.

All the Company Shareholders, with their updated information with MCDC, are sent the invitations for shareholders annual general meetings (AGM) and are also issued dividend warrants as per the dividends approved by the respective AGM’s. The Company encourages its shareholders to attend such AGM’s to know and improve their understanding of the Company’s business performance and also support its future business strategies.

Discussion Session for the year 2023

Oman Refreshment’s Interactive Discussion Session for the Audited Financial Results for the financial year ending on 31st December 2022

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